• As superyachts get larger so too does the space on board for the owner’s collection, but installing art on board is not as straightforward as just picking the wall to hang it on. From climate, lighting and insurance to transport and taxes, placing an exceptional art piece on a superyacht presents unique logistical challenges.

    In order to ensure that the process is always carried out to the highest level on all projects, Yacht Art Management (YAM) is experienced in full service art handling that has the contacts and the knowledge to ensure all parts of any art installation.

  • Tilman Kriesel Art Advisors (TKA) is an independent art advisory and an experienced partner in the global art scene. Its long-standing expertise covers everything from expert guidance, brokerage, valuations and the discreet handling of high-value artworks and is specialized on the realisation of one-of-a-kind projects. The firm’s expert stance is thanks in no small part to founder Tilman Kriesel’s familial connection to the prestigious Sprengel Museum Hannover. Today TKA offers extensive project experience, including in the all-encompassing discipline of art management.The team draws on several years of professional expertise in the mega yacht sector.

  • Founded by Tilman Kriesel, a passionate art lover with a strong family heritage of collecting and working with galleries and museums, TKA’s extensive advisory experience ranges from acquisitions, commissioning and discrete handling of premium art works to security, insurance and installation.

    “As an interior designer you get the opportunity to work with some really special pieces of art,” says Katharina Raczek, founder of KRD. “But incorporating high value art into your design comes down to more than just selecting the pieces and hanging them up.”

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    1. Proper insurance and security is important for keeping art on board
    2. Too much light can damage a yacht’s artwork
    3. Install art on yachts the right way
    4. Climate control to extend the life of art on board
    5. Trust experienced specialists for your superyacht’s artwork

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  • 1. Proper insurance and security is important for keeping art on board

    A working alarm system is essential. Marine insurance policies are rarely standardised, so your art collection can probably be incorporated into it. "Insurance companies expect owners to employ a professional art management service to guarantee maximum protection where all possible negative influences are avoided from day one," adds Aston Milan Salcedo of Yacht Art Management. "Many countries also have strict laws to protect their cultural property so you may also face legal issues if you're taking an important piece of art out of a country."

  • 2. Too much light can damage a yacht’s artwork

    Lighting is all-important, both directional and ambient. As on land, photography, watercolours and drawings need to be protected from natural light, so frame them using a highly protective anti-glare, anti-reflective glass and hang works away from direct light sources. "To create perfect illumination of the colours in the artwork a specific LED light system in the appropriate range of colours is necessary," advises Milan Salcedo. "Due to the limited ceiling height in a yacht we highly recommend working with an interior designer early on in the process."

  • 3. Install art on yachts the right way

    You cannot simply hang a painting on board; it needs to be screwed to the wall. The same goes for fixing small sculptures and objects, which is where “museum glue” (also called gel, wax or putty) comes in: a clear product that fixes objects to surfaces (though not irrevocably) to stop them shifting in a swell. "Even with six metre waves in the Gulf of Lyon nothing really moved," Raffaele Costa says in testament to the skill of the team who installed the numerous artworks on board his 53 metre Mariotti yacht.

  • 4. Climate control to extend the life of art on board

    The air quality and temperature within each room is important: humidity is bad for art, as is salt air and direct sunlight. "You always have to be aware of humidity and heat on board," explains Tilman Kriesel. "Strict insurance requirements mean even museums have to fulfil high standards before important pieces are allowed to be shown and your yacht is no different. Special climate boxes are needed for transportation and you may need to install an alarm system to alert you to atmospheric changes."

  • 5. Trust experienced specialists for your superyacht’s artwork

    Every advisor, gallery and specialist house has its own specialists and quite often the artist will insist you use the framer of their choice. So the best advice is: take the advice of your trusted advisor! "Limited space and technical classifications have a major influence of the display of an artwork," says Milan Salcedo. "Seek qualified advice before buying so you can plan the perfect surroundings for existing pieces or choose the perfect piece for an existing surrounding. Art is nice to have, but it has to have the best possible setting to inspire."

  • 6. The Practical Care of On-board Art Collections

    One and two-day intensive art instruction course for Superyacht Captains and Crew. This two-part course teaches those with little or no knowledge the basics of the art world. Flexible and modular, the course includes an overview of the art world, the art market and what is involved in the study of art history. Additional art handling modules teach the management, care and handling of valuable objects on board along with the full scope of collectors’ services. The Practical Care of On-board Art Collections was specifically developed for yacht managers and staff.
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“My trusted partners for all questions regarding art solutions on board...“
Katharina Raczek Design

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  • TILMAN KRIESEL was enthused by his family’s passion for collecting at a young age; today, he imparts his eye for quality and his experienced perspective on the art market to a wide range of clients. As a trained architect and a board member of various prestigious cultural institutions, Tilman is a well sought-after independent and trustworthy art consultant.

  • ASTOR MILAN SALCEDO has been passionate about arts all his life. After a successful career as a photographer he expanded his field of work into moving pictures before becoming a full time artist. His insatiable curiousity for art, artists and and art heritage has made him a autodidact in the field of arts and therefore a reliable partner in handling any form of artwork.

  • PANDORA MATHER-LEES brings over 20 years artworld experience to the marine sector. As superyacht art consultant she is dedicated to preserving high value fine art through training in art appreciation, legal and environmental risks on board.
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